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Who would have thought that GOOD LIFE would release this like 15 years back? Or even 4 years back? I wouldn’t but these are the mysterious ways of evolution. Although I’m not 100% surprised, because Good Life was and will always push the boundaries of Hardcore and search it’s frontiers of what’s hot and what’s not in Hardcore. That’s what’s also called pioneering. But is this still hardcore? Or is it vegan-dub step, vegan reggae and doesn’t it concur to Hardcore at all?
Well, we need to look to it from another point of view, throw away the musical standards or templates. Nowadays you need to look deeper and know the background of a band. Because it’s no longer a musical style but a way of living! The musical style and the life-style of a band seem to have polarized nowadays. So far away from each other that the one doesn’t recognize the other!
Yep, that’s it polarization and abstraction of the genre. Anyway, I as an elaborated listener of Hardcore, do like the dub step and the reggae they play! There, I said it! Although I hate those genres when they aren’t played by SLAM COKE! So am I a traitor to the genre or not real? I guess not, because it’s the image or lifestyle that’s making everything nowadays even the sound!

I dare even say more! Slam Coke is the only band that dare to make a mix and thereby make a synthesis what lives in the underground. Another thing is that when I went to festivals in the late 90’s I was dancing on drum and bass all the time, while I actually was a Hardcore kid! So why would I say it’s wrong?
That being said you now know that there are unpleasant surprises on this one for Hardcore purists!

Also the down-beated “Hardcore” they play is rooted in grind, hip hop and has the precision of electric or automatic music! While it breeds a feeling of death around it… Nice conceptual touch? Maybe this is what Converge would sound like if they wanted to play beat down?

To me it’s like a gift from above, or the record I waited on for years!

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