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Snapcase "Lookinglasself" LP


Snapcase is one of the bands that belong to the collective memory of those who lived through the nineties, so mine also. But that doesn’t mean I have checked them out. Now that the debut LP, called “Lookinglasself” was repressed for record store day in April this year and somehow my local distro unearthed some of the more limited copies I decided to give it a go.

Their sound is rather unique in the Hardcore landscape. To me they sound like Nirvana made heavier. Like a Hardcore band that added the harmonic playfulness of grunge into their song writing. The lyrical content explores the inner self and reaches out to the psychological side of man. Also more philosophical topics are touched. Existence, emotions, relations, life and agony are all closely observed and described by the lyrics writer.

orange vinyl record store day
Snapcase “Lookinglasself” LP out 210 copies on solid orange

As you can see the cover suits the lyrical content. It looks like life gets drained out of the person kneeling down on the ground. The colourfulness of the figure resembles the diversity of persons around that can experience gravity in life. But that is merely my interpretation.

band photo on back cover and the record store day release sticker

Victory Records pressed this for the first time in 1993. They were a band from Buffalo New York. And most of the tracks were recorded by Don Fury Studios in NYC.

Conclusion is that this is not a bad record at all, surprising and refreshing, pushing the boundaries of what is Hardcore music. Layout and colour scheme also nice.

This repress for record store day also exists on more common solid blue vinyl and rumour is that there is a limited black out of 80 copies also.

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