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Spineless: Some Facts

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Lucas, the person I got the photo’s from, explicitly said that all credits should go to Stefaan Buyse, because he kept safe this tape and record. Buyse was the drummer of Spineless.
While we are speaking of the band members; two band members of Spineless (at the time of the ‘Painfields’ release) went on to form and play in the already legendary band AmenRa. It were Colin (Collio) and Kristof Mondy. Altough Mondy isn’t in AmenRa any more. And Mondy also did the Yoda Fanzine. The guitar player Pedro (Fifi) played and plays in some other important H8000 bands; Congress, Kingpin and Trenchfoot It was also he who wrote all the songs for Spineless.

So we’ll start of with this tape. I noticed the ‘CMD rec.’ on it, this logo is also on the Spineless ‘Painfields’ 7″. But don’t ask me what this stands for. I only hope H8000 CENTRAL will give an answer on this.

spineless demo tape cassette h8000

Then we have the Spineless full length called ‘A Talk Between Me And The Stars’. It is the most limited colour, hand stamped out of 35. Probably comparable to nowadays record release or friends press, I really don’t know. Note that I’ve seen this record on eBay on clear also, it was from a Japanese seller.

I have spoken to the author of H8000 CENTRAL and he is planning on making a more in depth post about this. So, this is only a sneak peak. And we will all together stay tuned for the H8000 Central update on this. And hope it will give us some answers.

To make the view upon the production of Spineless more complete, I will give the picture of my ‘Painfields’ seven inches. Notice again the CMD logo on it.

vinyl photo
vinyl photo
vinyl photo

8 responses to “Spineless: Some Facts”

  1. The CMD thing meant Cortrycke Mosh Division, a chapter under the H8000 crew thing. Both SPINELESS & FIRESTONE where CMD. The two dudes with the shield are the guardians of the City of Kortrijk, the shield is the one of the city as well.

  2. Bedankt H. , sounds awesome…

  3. Will add it to the post immediately

  4. Don't forget to mention that another member of Spineless.. Pedro (Fifi) played and plays in some important h8000 bands, CONGRESS, KINGPIN and TRENCHFOOT.

  5. 'Entered' the scene at the time Painfields came out, saw 'em first in the Vort'n Vis around 1996 I believe. Best Ypres fest – although it wasn't called like that at the time – I have ever been to. Representing all crucial H8000 bands of the era, together with foreign bands as Veil, Morning Again & Culture I believe. People coming over from all parts of Europe, including the now infamous Roma sXe. Spineless tore it apart in the afternoon. From the typical edgemetal sound on Painfields they went on to a more emotional and darker edge on 'A talk between…'. The basis for Amen Ra had been set. Legendary farewell show at Ypres fest as well. Would really love to see them just once again! Ciao, Gio

  6. Nice blog by the way, just discovered it last week.

  7. hey;here buyse (drummer Spineless),CMD started in my bedroom when I made a CMD-zine ,becouse I had no cash to promote our demo I started a litle promo setup with flyers in the frontline (Gent), + stickers on the demo's(DIY)… later it became a sene and logo on spinless recordsp.s.: I still have the promo flyer and some stickers.

  8. Thanks man, glad and honored to have you on my blog! People will appreciate your contribution to the riddle of CMD. Now it's almost totally clear. Was CMD a zine about K-town hardcore in general perhaps, looking at the name?

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