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Spirit of Youth Cassingle

This was the last missing piece of the Spirit Of Youth puzzle I needed for the collection and for the reconstruction of their history. It’s the infamous Engine / Darkroom cassette. And I will give in this post a short perspective on this cassette single. That is based on the interview I did with guitarist Dominique.

After you will hear this you will realize that the band was already in a transition phase to slower and heavier music under influence of groovier metal. Yes, the songs had already more groove in them than on the “Abyss” 7inch on Crucial Response and the demo cassette on Warehouse Records.

spirit of youth sot cassette tape cassingle engine darkroom sober mind records

So at that moment – when Hans of Blindfold was back in the band – he released those songs on tape on his own new label called Sober Mind Records in the year 1993. This tape was also made for the first European tour of Spirit Of Youth.

Later on when the new material for the “Source” LP was ready, they presented the songs again to Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response but he didn’t want to release them because of the same groovier character that started with this release. And he found that the songs weren’t rhythmically fast enough to be representative Straight-Edge hardcore. So they were buried for a while…

This baby seems to have become impossible to find, I think of the few made (300 copies(1)) not many are left.

Spirit Of Youth “Engine” from the cassette single

(1)H8000 Central; Hans Verbeke

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