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Unmentioned NAYSAYER 7 Inch Discovery

Today’s entry is about a rare version of the NO REMORSE 7 inch of NAYSAYER that goes pretty much under the radar. It goes under the radar because it isn’t mentioned on the REAPER RECORDS Discography Page.

It is the THIS IS HARDCORE Festival pressing from the year 2009. A festival in Philadelphia USA.

naysayer no remorse this is hardcore limited cover reaper records vinyl 7 inch
This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover
This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover CLOSE-UP
Numbered 37/50

So the conclusion is that there are 930 Red vinyl with the regular sleeve instead of 980 because 50 copies have these TIH 2009 covers…

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  1. Good catch!Would be able to send me a clear photo of the front cover (minus bag glare if possible 🙂 so that I can update the discography page?

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