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Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

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Probably one of the hardest to find releases of Spirit Of Youth. This is the cassette single released on Sober Mind Recordings in 1993. There is a lot to tell about this one, so let’s start with it.

Spirit Of youth “Engine / Darkroom” professionally manufactured cassette

Spirit Of Youth started out as a 100% Old School band that played fast straight edge music. During the demo phase they played in vein of early Dag Nasty since the singer Edward was totally into such bands. But soon after they released their 7 inch on Crucial Response they started to play with a lot more groove. They had a bunch of songs ready to be released. All song were in vein of the music from this release. But their label Crucial Response did not want to release it. According to Peter Hoeren these track weren’t according to his view of how Straight-Edge music must sound.
So the bassist Hans made of two of those tracks this cassette. And a few years later the songs were recycled into the “Source” LP. It’s indeed Hans who played drums in Wheel Of Progress and later sang for Liar who released this on his new label Sober Mind Recordings. This cassette is the first release of that label also. It was mainly pressed to be sold on the Spirit Of Youth tour in Germany. So most likely Germany is the place to be if you want to find one of these.

Spirit Of Youth “Engine” from the cassette single

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