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SPORTSWEAR LPs (90’s Norwegian sXe)

Sportswear LP’s on PURPLE and YELLOW! I like the fact that GOOD LIFE still has it in stock after more than 10 years! So I was able to buy the black for a very good price! And the colors I got separately from private collectors.


As you can see I also got a poster of the release, this makes it more alive. Normally promotional posters sell out or aren’t available anymore with the label because they all hanged them at shows or wherever back then!

I like the purple version, because you can see the mix of RED and BLUE wax still very good, so that’s why I made this close-up:

Anyway as it should, like many good REVELATION sxe bands this was recorded at DON FURY’s in NYC! Although it was many years later (90’s) and EUROPEAN SXE hardcore. Nice nod or tribute to the pioneers!

Anyway as a free commercial for GOOD LIFE (hehe) you can still buy the most rare version here!

BUT what strikes me the most about this record is that TRUE COLORS sound A LOT like this band, TC can easily be the SPORTSWEAR of 00’s! Go check that oddity out for 9 euro yourself here!

PS: Free commercial because the GL Webstore is the best of the planet and they  never ever let me down before! THANKS Dudes!!

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  1. Cool postBesides the 1 out of 1, I feel purple is more rare. I have seen way to many yellow ones copies compared to the purple ones.Both the label and the band say yellow is more rare.What is your idea about this?

  2. Thanks outofstepsince81! Maybe the fact that they think the yellow is more rare is the reason they sell it more… Get what I mean?

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