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Stormcore to the point


Stormcore released this CD through Hardside Records. It’s actually Hardside Records number one. Hardside Records is the label of David Mancilla who later also did Overcome Records. Who also played rhythm guitar and did vocals in this band.

They play fast heavy Hardcore in vein of Madball in the song “C.I.A.”. Which is a song that criticizes behaviour of police patrols against people of colour or people who protest in marches and with banners on the city streets. They say that the police is merely an image of order and justice.

But they are also beat down influenced. Certainly when you hear the song “Can’t Trust Ya”. It’s slow and heavy in the beginning. And the content of the lyrics shows rejection of other persons. Also the gang vocals draw much influence of bands like Bulldoze.

Sometimes they blend in more ambient tunes and in the song “God” they lay the origins for their later work. Their later work will have several songs with even more outspoken ambient influences. With ambient here is meant; electrical atmospheric instrumental music. Mostly to create a relaxed and chilled out ambience. Lyrically the songs deals with the loss of faith and the anger against the Church.

“Self Hate” deals with feelings of depression and suicidal tendencies. The internal struggle and the will to escape all of this.

The band recorded this output in the fall of 1994. Musically it stands out between most of their European contemporaries. Most other European bands played either more Metal or either more emotional Hardcore. This is more street wise, gang styled and leans more towards the American Hardcore style of the nineties, especially the New York Hardcore style.

Stormcore “God” from To The Point CD
Stormcore “Can’t Trust Ya” from To The Point CD

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