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Take Offense Collection

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Collecting Reaper Records doesn’t let me down, always surprising and interesting! Lots of good records coming out and sweetly marketed by pressing multiple versions, colors and sleeves. Also great and very good looking artwork on the sleeves.

What doesn’t surprise is that records from Reaper Records are getting more and more expensive on eBay, this means the demand for them is growing. Especially for the versions that were only available at shows, not from the distro’s. Are people finally realizing that Reaper Records is the only label that holds true to the traditional hardcore. Unlike Bridge Nine who turns more and more poppy or Good Life that brings you more and more beatdown oriented stuff. Those evolutions question or test the hotness of real hardcore, is it still alive? Well Reaper Records proof it is.

In my point of view all of this doesn’t matter, I like it and don’t care if anyone else does or not. But if you need to get them in auctions I do care because prices increased and that does affect me and especially my wallet!

Anyway, a fine example is Take Offense. They hold on to and make people warm for real hardcore and do it very well. When I listen to this band it heals me from all negativity and pointless aggression caused by listening to beatdown for example, this kind of hardcore I can listen to every day at every moment. While the band doesn’t fall into easy-listening like the poppy Bridge Nine bands.

Enough said about that, except for the fact that I’m really grateful of such band for their balance and healing power. Now over to the vinyl objects; I recently scored the testpressing of Take Offense’s first LP called ‘Tables Will Turn’ and I must say the packaging is awesome and high quality. Let’s look at some photo’s covering that:

take offense tables will turn LP testpress cover reaper records
Reaper Records logo stamp in black ink on DJ-sleeve

And while we are at it I took a collection picture photo also, it is a nice little mini-collection:

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  1. I guess i'd rather have my money spent on test presses going to the label rather than merch flippers, but I know what you mean. This is an awesome test press you got here though. I just posted my copy because i'm trying to figure out what press I have, its very different from yours it's pretty much all purple with no black. I'm assuming its just a variation of that first pressing out of 700.

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