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The Past, The Present: Birds of A Feather LP & Book

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The book is about the European Straight-Edge scene from 1982 until 2007. Written by Marc Hanou and Jean Paul Frijns. The LP is from the band Birds Of A Feather. This band is from the Netherlands.

Anyway since this is totally limited, so it’s not available for everyone, so I took the effort to photograph it all. So here goes the photo shoot (models appear in chronological order):

#08/14 Screened Mailer Box
Sell History (not huge at the moment)
DJ Sleeve with artwork above
Pre-order out of 100
Blank stamped label + numbering
2 printed label versions:
brown vinyl out of 289
orange vinyl out of 131
2 CD’s on different labels:
Europe Press: Refuse Records
South America Press: Seven Eight Life Records
Limited Collectors Box Edition “Chapter 5” 7 inch
Entire “Chapter 5” Collectors Box Edition 7 inch

And that’s it. But I wasn’t complete without the mini tour edition. And I was advised to buy it also. Why not it also comes with the book and is out of 25 copies only.

DJ sleeve, with separate insert and brown vinyl
Details: sticker with numbering and red ink stamp on vinyl label

But later I figured being so far I needed the second pressings also:

2nd press: ORANGE /37
2nd press: BROWN /109

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