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Titan & Witness The Fall split 7 Inch

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cover hand screened

This split 7 inch came out on Bound By Modern Age Records. It’s a split between Titan, a band from Belgium and Witness The Fall, a band from The Netherlands.
Titan was the new band for me to check out. Their musical style at first reminded me of late-Kindred to Enemy Of The Sun. Although their style can not only be compared to this band. I hear some later Poison The Well as well, the newer band this reminds me of is The Setup. So nothing that new to me.

As a matter of fact I like Witness The Fall more. As their sound is more divers and aggressive. An addictive sound that brings my mind and soul into shelter. A consoling delivery that is hard to be separated from when you stop listening. I have always secretly been a fan of that Witness The Fall cassette on Bound by Modern Age, so I am happy to have some songs on vinyl.

The cover is amazingly cool, it’s hand screen printed in red, black or blue ink. The vinyl is in accordance with the cover. I chose the red cover, so my copy is the red smoky vinyl.

Titan & Witness The Fall split 7 inch
red vinyl with red cover that is out of 70 copies

If you want to check this out, go to the Bound By Modern Age bandcamp page.

2 responses to “Titan & Witness The Fall split 7 Inch”

  1. thx for the comparison to EOTS and Late Kindred and even PTW. I would've thrown in some Skycamefalling and ThisDayForward.Nonetheless: Thx for the review!

  2. Yes, I like WTF's music more because it is more spontaneous and less technical. But that's just my personal taste.

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