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I just picked up a parcel at the post office from the brotherhood country The Netherlands. It was sent by the label Reflections Records. That label released good titles recently, that I didn’t post about. So the time is now.

First up is the TOXIC SHOCK LP. Toxic Shock is a Belgian band. I wanted to buy their new record badly but had other priorities. Now that I had the opportunity I bought both formats; vinyl and compact disc. Listening to it right now. I’m not so much into traditional Trash Metal. Sounds always a bit old school to me. But the band doesn’t play traditional Trash. They bring a crossover to Hardcore. The humor that’s found in a couple of the lyrics is always welcome. Hardcore might be to serious at times.

The LP is pressed on green and black, I was lucky to got sent a colored copy. The overall packaging looks good. That’s usually the case with Reflections Records releases. The six headed beast from the cover couldn’t serve more as a mascot. The black printing on white cardboard with a few hints of fluorescent green make a good graphical expression of the basic and sharp character of the music.

toxic shock daily demons lp green vinyl

The LP has a printed inner sleeve around it, with lyrics and the same six headed beast but pictured in more colors.

The CD has got lots of bonus tracks. Four songs from the 2011 demo and four songs of their 2012 ep.

While the demo is more up speed it has the same groove as the other releases. The demo I do not have the original tape of but it truly rips at more speed than their other work and I like it. Maybe I’ll need to be on the look out for this one, anyway I can also advise you to do so… That is if you are into an updated and modernized Trash sound.

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