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True Colors Demo Tapes

I never thought I would find a True Colors demo tape, but in the last few weeks I stumbled upon two of them. Rare and hard to find as they are I took the chance and bought all two. Even more lucky as I was, I found two different versions.

The first version I found has a yellow cover with a white insert. The tape used to record these songs is just a regular tape that is found in stores. The kind of tape with the brand and the duration on, amongst other things like the A-B-side.

EDIT: The first press seems to be the blank tape with the white cover and green insert. Thanks Timmy! (read comments)

The other tape is blank with nothing on it. And has a white cover and green insert. So I took a picture of both of them, so that you can compare these two:

3 responses to “True Colors Demo Tapes”

  1. Amazing catch! But where else than eBay, Dead Format and B9 do you search for these things? Because I, coincidence or not, also try to collect as much of True Colors and AmenRa.P.s.: Great blog you've got here. I almost check it daily for updates.

  2. I will not give away my sources!! But I can tell you that I never use Dead Format and that I didn't got these from ebay or the B9…hehe

  3. The one with the blank tape is the first press out of 100. I bought mine on their first show (not the try out set during a justice show), where I also got their first shirt.The demo sold out fast, that's why they did another run with those yellow covers. I think they released 200 of them.Btw great blog. I got into hc through Congress and Regression in '96, so reading those stories is fun. Keep it up.

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