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Turnstile This Is Hardcore 2014 edition


So Turnstile is the new standard nowadays. And they played This Is Hardcore festival earlier this summer. Was surfing on Instagram and saw that Reaper Records had a special limited edition record made to sell to Turnstile fans on This Is Hardcore festival the day before it began. While the fest took place I was doing my (almost) daily check-up on Discogs for missing records and to my surprise I saw it listed the evening after Turnstile played.
The price was steep compared to the price they probably sold them for directly on the merch table. But that’s way things go in Hardcore nowadays. If you didn’t buy it at the fest you need to pay more later. That’s the law. I found myself thinking whether I’d buy it or not? But then the price wasn’t that steep after all, so I bought it.
Later on, after I confirmed the purchase, I was thinking to check eBay, there must have been a copy over there also… Because that’s the way it always is. So I searched – merely out of curiosity – the record and saw indeed one listed. A few days before auctions end it already had a price three times as much as the copy I bought on Discogs!

The record is very cool, it combines the two existing releases of Turnstile in one record. The record has a white gatefold 7 inch cover and the layout is silk screened on it. Also the inside of the gatefold cover is screened with text. Here are some pictures:

vinyl photo
vinyl photo
vinyl photo
vinyl photo

I’m wondering under which catalogue number this one must be classified? And also how the release must be titled?

3 responses to “Turnstile This Is Hardcore 2014 edition”

  1. Guav, listing them two will probably be the best solution indeed. I'm curious about the update… Seems ages ago since the previous. I thought you gave up, glad to hear you didn't.

  2. It won't have it's own release number—I'll have to list it under both releases when I get around to updating the discography page (I am SO far behind).

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