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Under The Same Shadow Test Press

Obtained another test press from the Reaper Records catalogue, the Take Offense “Under The Same Shadow” test press. This ep came out as a one sided 12 inch in 2012. The artwork of the standard cover isn’t so good in my opinion. But the artwork for the two limited edition covers are very good, that is why I need them. I already had the United Blood cover, which has got screened artwork. Still need the record release, which will be impossible to get.

But I do got the most limited version, the test press. It has the art glued on a plane black sleeve. And is the third limited cover made for this release. So there are four different covers made, standard included.

Take Offense “Under The Same Shadow” test press cover
Reaper Records #49 test press
Reaper Records #49 test press stamped label in red ink

I like the red ink stamps, makes a strong contrast between the black and with test press and the black and white cover.

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  1. I love this cover! This record is so good, and I've contemplated chasing the test for this in the past. Well done getting one for yourself!

  2. Yeah it's a good cover, all three limited covers are actually! I've did some solitary contemplation myself, I set out not to collect the test presses and focus on the regular presses. But that changed since they (Reaper Records) are slowing down a bit.


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