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Underdog Matchless discography

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The two records compile the 2 demo-sessions from 1985 and 1988 along with their debut LP from 1989 called “The Vanishing Point”.

The double LP came in a gatefold cover and was accompanied with a poster and a small book compiled by Russ Iglay and Richie Birkenhead. It contains numerous photo’s, letters, interviews and press releases of the band. And was edited by Chris Wrenn himself. Chris Wrenn founded and runs Bridge 9 Records.

underdog nyhc discography book matchless 2LP red vinyl

Bridge 9 Records again did a tremendous job in releasing this Underdog Discography, by capturing the true spirit of the band. This release is a good example of how collectors proof their worth in Hardcore. If there weren’t any the older bands would be dead and gone. But by gathering and safekeeping the info (flyers, letters, photo’s, …) collectors are able to keep this alive.

The lesson also is that capturing hardcore history is more than just keeping records. You need to keep flyers, zines and photo’s also in order to keep the spirit of a band or era alive, but most of you already know that. Another lesson is that you better cooperate with other collectors in order to publish something worthy and useful for the next generation.

Another thing I’d say is that Bridge 9 Records listens to you when ordering despite the vast amount of orders they process. Because they got the records out of the sleeve for shipping, as I asked. Really didn’t want to get this in my hands damaged.

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