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WOODWORK s/t Demo Review

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Some fine day the guitarist of a French band -from TOULOUSE to be more precise- contacted me. He asked to listen to their demo and eventually put the word out on my blog. Since I’m a big fanatic of the spawning of the nineties Newschool Wave of metallic hardcore, I needed no second thought to go in on his request…

Cover of the self-titled Demo
So let’s have a look at their delivery. They first of all say to be influenced by 90’s bands. That something we definitely hear.
Main musical influences are in my opinion Outspoken, earlier Morning Again, Culture, Trial, etc. Those bands are among the flag-bearers of the 90’s style indeed. But they also are influenced by Burn and Inside Out and that’s a nice less-heavy touch they give to their sound. And I like it because it’s not full of pretentiousness but rather an integer way of approaching the 90’s spirit, instead of loosing it in the heavy metallic chugga-chugga, like many predecessors did.The artwork used on the cover gives us a wood-feel about it. And the desolate landscape seems to be in the state of after-inferno. A reflection of the dark mindset in the lyrics. They are intelligent souls when they use past and present thinkers in their list of influences among the bands. Gives us different scoop upon their delivery. They profile themselves not solely as musicians but also as speakers to crowds who bring forth opinions and educate the masses…

The band’s Bandcamp page not only has the lyrics but also elaborates them. There are in total four songs that you can check out. You can hear that these songs are already well worked-out…

If you think you like it, contact them You can also buy one of their demo’s which were made in two colored versions of cassettes or on a CD-r format:

Physical Formats

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