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xRepentancex "Cleansing" 7 inch

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The last new songs of the best Vegan Straight-Edge band I’ve heard in a long time. All the good things don’t last long, at least that is what a Dutch saying says. “Cleansing” is a two song 7 inch to follow up their successful LP “The Sickness Of Eden“. Expect a sound even more close to Slayer than you might even consider appropriate. These songs have it all in the right manner. A worthy goodbye.

The record was also pressed on clear vinyl by the label they call their home; Carry The Weight records. Both colours are said to be out of 250 copies. Their is also another label that pressed this release; Life Lair Regret Records. Their versions are harder to come by.

xRepentancex “Cleansing” on brown vinyl
xRepentancex “Cleansing” gatefold 7 inch jacket

I’ve also seen a discography double LP release of them, very recently pressed. So if you want to complete your collection you’ll need this one too.

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