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7.17 Compilation

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On the sabbath of 7/17/2010 the FEAST OF THE HOLY TERROR CHURCH OF FINAL JUDGMENT was held in Anaheim which hosted amidst others the gathering of four groups of clergymen affiliated with the church. On stage INTEGRITY, VVEGAS, GEHENNA and UNREAL CITY performed their diabolical arts to evoke the audience into facing the reality of our world and it’s inhibants.
As to commemorate this event HELLFISH RECORDS decided to bring out a limited run of 300 EP’s featuring the aforementioned bands each playing one song. The 7″ was baptised 7.17 alluding to the date these events occurred.

Black cover with silver artwork screened on and  7.17 in the top richt corner

VVEGAS kicks off this (serial) killer party with a track named ‘Verklingen’, a cover song from the well known song ‘Fading away’ by INTEGRITY. Brutal, agonizing sounds that pay hommage to the masters of HOLY TERROR.
The mysterious GEHENNA has the next slot on this devilish dervish of a record. With ‘I’ll Always Say Forever’, a slow sludgy track that swells on as it goes along, the narrator guides you through speaking his mind and thoughts out to those who need to hear it.

They know who they are

On the ‘Vampiric’ side of the record we’ve got UNREAL CITY. Starting very slowly, to fully explode when the guitar kicks in. Clevo hardcore oozes of this one. Great song by the current INTEGRITY guitar player Robert ORR.
INTEGRITY has the honour and privilige to be the last to preach their teachings on this registration of that Feast in California on that magic
7.17. ‘+Orrchida’ features the fingerfury of Robert ORR on guitar. His fast intense guitarlicks add that extra touch to Dwid’s throat. Four tracks by four of the most notorious representatives of the HOLY TERROR CHURCH OF FINAL JUDMENT.

Feast of The Holy Terror Church of Final Judgment

Three different versions of the release hit the market. The first version was a black 7″ with the black albumsleeve and red screenprinted artwork. This was the version exclusive for sale at the show on 7.17 and comes on a 100 pieces. The second version features a black cover with white screened artwork and comes with a black vinyl. A HELLFISH RECORDS mailorder only and as added gift a ziplock bag holding 5 buttons, 4 of the involved bands and 1 extra for the FEAST.
The last version is released on 100 records that got distributed amidst the actors of this play. Black albumcover again with silver screened artwork. And the most beautiful green vinyl i witnessed up untill now.

Vampire bat

The discussed record here comes from the VVEGAS vault and is one of 10 as shown on the stamped sleeve. The screenprinted artwork on a black background works fine here. The silver screened artwork of creatures amidst a sea of snakes, with typical HOLY TERROR reference and symbolism, completes the atmosphere to this release. The recordlabels hold the necessary info on the A side and the B side is decorated with a nice little bat made famous by MÖTLEY CRÜE back in the days.

000029 out of 300

A special boxset version was created by screenprinting a 7″ mailer with the albumartwork and holds the three versions tied down with a piece of twine string and complimentary zip lock bag. Only 12 of these boxsets have been unleashed upon our demised world.

The VVEGAS edition out of 10

Another fine piece of art to add to my collection. Four great tracks by the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Let the world end today but untill then i’m playing this compilation over and over while awaiting the event that was prophecied on 7.17.10.


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  1. There is also the Charles Manson cover limited to something like 25 copies as well. Very cool post. The Gehenna track paints such a gnarly psychedelic sound-scape.

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