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Shortsight Pressing Info

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cd cover scan


Demo cassette:

I don’t know that much about the history of the band but Hans from Liar also sang the demo recordings. This demo was released on cassette by Warehouse Records.

photo cassette and case

Why Spend Time Learning 7 inch:

The music is recorded in Cats Studio (Bruges, West-Flanders) for this 7″ and there were several colours pressed: red, orange, blue, white, clear and black on Conquer The World Records from USA. Which was very progressive for that moment of time. There is also a test pressing.

As H8000 Central told us: due to the bad distribution back then these recordings were also pressed by an European label, Machination Records on one colour black. The sleeves are the same but with inverse colour-scheme.

Right is European Pressing: Machination Records
Left is USA Pressing: Conquer The World Records
comparison back cover American and European pressing

Notice the date difference on the back cover of the European pressing:

March 1994: second recording session
March 1993: first recording session

The same songs were rerecorded with another mastering by the same studio. So those two ep’s are definitely different recordings.

Cold Wounds Waking CD:

This album was mastered – like many H8000 recordings – by Tony De Block at Midas Studio in July 1994 while the 7″ was recorded March 1993. This CD has the 3 Godfathers of the crew collaborating in it; Edward (releases, label activities, front photo), Hans Liar (backing in the songs “Father”) and Josh Congress (wrote the instrumental song).

cd cover scan
front cover
back cover scan
notice the Carhartt rip off logo Good Life Recordings uses

2 responses to “Shortsight Pressing Info”

  1. Yes, but underrated, that's why I post this here!

  2. classic release. Got my copy back in 1995 and it currently resides in my car for on the road to H8000 area. Still progressive music after almost 20 years.

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