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A Transitional STAY COLD Story

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A few days ago I experienced something totally surprising and I think you (Trapped Under Ice) collectors will approve. Let me tell you the story. When surfing on eBay I discovered that someone whom I traded several times with before had the one and only STAY COLD version listed that I was missing (together with some other Reaper Records rarities). So there’s my opportunity to complete the collection.

trapped under ice stay cold 7 inch limited edition united blood stamp vinyl
STAY COLD United Blood Stamp /20 copies

That ending time on the eBay site was over night in Europe, so I needed to set the alarm and be on my guard, to be sure to win the item. So it happened and I won the auction. The seller Rambeaupunk knew that I was only missing that item but had some piece of information embodied in a record that very few or maybe even nobody except him knew.

When you look at the following pictures clever collectors will immediately see what I’m talking about! Namely a weird wax-anomaly in the WHITE wax version of the Stay Cold 7″:

Click on the picture for bigger view
Click on the picture for bigger view
Regular PLAIN WHITE Vinyl
White WITH BLACK dots copy

Yes indeed, a truly ONE OF A KIND or Transitonal copy of the STAY COLD! White vinyl with black speckles, a definitely not so clean white vinyl copy because of not cleaning out the machines at the pressing plant! I even wonder if Reaper Records even know about the existence of such a copy!

And the record came with a friendly note from the person who first saw this copy and was kind enough to send it to me…

I really don’t know how to thank him, it left me truly speechless and totally surprised, just when I thought to have finished the collection, I get this in my mail! I owe Greg a lot now or maybe he’s just glad to have the record in a complete STAY COLD collection as I am….

Anyway will post a picture of that collection soon!

Collecting RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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