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RWHAF Welcomes A New Author!

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RECORDS WITH HISTORY AND FUTURE has officially welcomed a new author in the ranks. He will post under the name Ezekiel02:24:81, has more or less the same musical background as I do and fully understands concept of this blog. He has been a dedicated follower for a few years and is truly exited to write up about his hardcore passion and share his knowledge and opinions.
His musical taste is broad and like me, he will never forget about the H8000 glory years in the nineties when growing up in the 8000 region.
These facets really convinced me to trust and cooperate with him. As for my part I’m truly exited too because he really showed his appreciation by answering the announcement immediately. I made 288 posts on my own and now I’m able to share it with somebody who is like-minded, that’s more than I ever expected of doing this blog!
Ezekiel and I will do everything in our reach to make our passion of writing about hardcore, doing research about it and collecting records useful for others to read and talk about. Yet we are humble about our role in the scene and world of hardcore but we just like doing it for ourselves too…
Now that I introduced him you can expect a post soon and in the meanwhile you can check his own blog where he posts about the more punk-rock releases here!

2 responses to “RWHAF Welcomes A New Author!”

  1. Congratulations guys, looking forward to new content ! Welcome to the new blood as well – Edward Goodlife

  2. Thanks for the compliment Edward!

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