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a389 Records: Awesome Order (Clevo Related)

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This post is dedicated to LordXDom of a389 Records. He did a splendid job in packaging my records and spoiling me in a certain way, haha! Here’s how…

He sent me the Ringworm reissue LP’s sealed in a polyethylene sleeve. Which makes them look fancy, but they deserve it because the records have some neat vinyl-artwork and awesome gatefold sleeves. And the music and message is of classical proportions.

The first version I bought is the gold/red split vinyl that came with a LP-size booklet full of Ringworm related flyers, liveshots and letters to the bandmembers. This exact same color also comes in a deluxe edition that was part of the pre-order. But how the label made this extra-ordinary package even more deluxe, I don’t know.

ringworm the promise reissue a389 records

I really aren’t that familiar with Cleveland Hardcore, except for Integrity, In Cold Blood and One Life Crew. But after hearing this record I came to the believe that the Clevo-style is a genre all of it’s own, that as addition to this had a great impact on Hardcore later in the 90’s.
When you hear this music, expect real clevo sound – but you must also place this record in its time-period! I mean, when you got this record back when it came out in 1993, it must have been quite a revelation! A new level of brutality and oral violence. In short: Innovative and defining; therefore classic! Copied by many, but hardly equaled.

There are two transitional colors of the mixed color vinyl, namely greenish marble and grayish marble, both limited to approximately 75. Since I’m always interested in rare colorways, I decided to choose one. So here it is, the green marble:

Looks very interesting to me, this one went after I sealed it again with the polyethylene back into my collection, to never leave again.

Since I already had three colours of the Integrity “Walpurgisnacht” 7″:

… I decided to buy the second pressings also, namely the Black and the Clear. A while ago I also obtained the rarest color (White (=1st pressing)) at the Holy Terror webstore, so I put it on the picture also:

And now what I thought wasn’t possible, namely hearing the Ringworm demo from 1991. I discovered these were only part of the pre-order, which I missed out from. So I was kinda in the illusion I would never hear and have this. But luckily Dom shattered my illusion and made a small dream come true. Namely having this record…

  • Gluttons is gang style hardcore, though and melodic at the same time, definitely a must here.
  • Day Of Mourning was the highlight; in your face metal, a long time I heard that kind of music and a nice change in my daily hardcore diet.
  • Rot In Hell is Holy Terror style. Very 90’s style hardcore with gang-vocals and metal parts. Very varying songs in vein of Integrity and Ringworm, UK becomes Clevo…
  • Also the new 7″ from A389 Records, Seraphim “s/t” is something unique… down-tempo poundage with melodic interludes.

Thanks a lot LordXDom, I do not know how to thank you…! And to everyone who read this; get to the a389 Records webstore, you won’t regret it… This post is the proof. And everything you see here is still available…

I recommend you Darkness !!

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