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Maximum Penalty Vinyl artwork & Some Words

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I don’t want and can’t take the place of Double Cross, because the following band is featured on that blog.

Now regarding the content of the record itself; Double Cross has actually done nothing, except that interview about their history that preceded this release and some other posts.

So here’s info text that came with the download of the new LP:

As part of the original Hardcore movement, Maximum Penalty has been and still is, one of the most original hybrids of the New York Hardcore sound. From the band’s inception, the founding members have fused different styles such as Hardcore, Metal, Hip-Hop and melody which put MP’s unique stamp on the scene. The band started out at the tail end of the first wave of the hardcore movement in the late 80’s. They played the infamous hardcore matinee at the now deceased CBGB’s with friends and family from the N.Y. scene. From that point the Crossover Metal scene exploded into the 90’s with MP’s unique brand of Hardcore, along with their peers such as Sick of it all, Killing Time & Agnostic Front.MP’s first release was their “Demo 89” along with the Blackout Records “Where The Wild Things Are” compilation. Soon after that they released the “East Side Story” e.p. and later the full lengths “Independent” and “Superlife”. In 2006 the band re-released their classic “Demo 89 / East Side Story e.p.” on one disc, finally making the original demo available on CD in its entirety.
In 2008, MP went back into the studio with the intent to capture the original elements of the bands sound and identity. Produced by Dan Korneff, who has worked with artists like (Grammy Nominated) Paramore, Lamb Of God and Ill Nino, the 15 new tracks sound absolutely massive and bring the band to a whole new level.
October 6th, 2009 will see the fruits of MP’s labor when Reaper Records unleashes, “Life & Times”.

And here’s in short what I would like to say about this:

This record is simply breath taking, they have learned so much integrity during their life full of troubles and setbacks. (Prison-) life has Jim Williams shaped and wises up. Maximum Penalty has gained so much insight in the nature of people on the streets of the Lower East Side in New York. This is real street-wisdom to say at least. I think making music means everything to them, they get back in harmony and it is their outlet. But also their faith in God gives them hope.

While the lyrics on the “Lower East Side Story” ep were more society related, the current lyrics are more personal related. Probably because in prison you do not get in touch with society, you only see it’s ugly face and yourself withstanding it.

Maximum Penalty has some hip hop influences in the content of the lyrics but still remains a 100% Hardcore band. They don’t have to search for what is hardcore, they just are.

This is New York Hardcore at it’s best !

3 responses to “Maximum Penalty Vinyl artwork & Some Words”

  1. Without any doubt, one of the best hardcore releases in years…awesome.

  2. I had some delay in posting this cause of various reasons. I was also delayed because I thought my words would be wrong or misinterpret, surely hope you get the vein of my post and effort. With all respect I did it. I'm quite glad to be able to do it now. I really haven't seen this featured anywhere else, which is kinda a pity.Didn't want to make a lengthy post because DCXX should be more able to do this, but they haven't :(But yeah, all people involved in this record (MP, Reaper) wrote HC history here… I fully agree!!

  3. hands down the best hardcore album of 2009 !

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