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Abhinanda senseless

cover LP version

Abhinanda from Umea in Sweden were together with Refused and Doughnuts at the forefront of the Swedish Hardcore scene. They were a band with a Straight-Edge and Vegetarian philosophy and life style. Members also were skateboarders.

There were several scenes in Sweden during the nineties. According to an interview with Benjamin from the Swedish band Nine (source: Wim Vandekerckhove in Reminder issue 8), Umea had the biggest scene, then Varnersborg and then Linköping.

The band consisted out five members:
drums: Jonas
guitar and guitar licks: Kris
guitar: Adam
bass: Mattias Abris
vocals: Jose
additional vocals: Sammy
back up vocals: Sara, Lurve and Abhinanda

Lyrics were written by Abris and Jose.

This is a review of their full length “Senseless” recorded in July 1994.

Abhinanda “Senseless” LP version cover by Genet Records

First song is the title track called “Senseless”. Lyrics make me think of Freudian psycho-analysis. You know the horse and the rider metaphor. I am not sure the lyrics are based upon this theory, but it would be a valid interpretation.

“Inner Qualities” is about the hate someone can feel. And this hate is caused nothing more than fear. Inner emotions that are deemed as inferior by the lyrics writer. But is more broader about the superficiality of judgement also. The inner qualities of the persons should be the standard to make your opinions about them. Maybe it is about the social prejudice Hardcore Punk faces.

“Needle” is a more obvious and an easier song to interpret. It’s about addiction in general and everything that creates a cage of addiction.

“Fallen” is about the social mechanism of comparing yourself to another.

“Competition In Hatred” is a meaningful song about the mechanism of hatred upon hatred and the consequences of it, like war. I takes more strength to control yourself than it takes to control the others.

“Love Story?” is a reflection about love and the things that come with it. When two people love each other, personalities become blurred and intertwined. It’s not totally clear any more who is who.

“Drift Apart”

“Dragon” is about the purification of immorality. The value respect is the only way to escape the burning of your self together with your disharmonious morals. The dragon is used as a metaphor for the time of purification that has come.

“My Source” is about the Straight-Edge and the Vegetarianism. It’s a clear description of what it’s all about so I quote this lyric in it’s entirety:

I’m structured to feed your power but I’m about to crash your plan
Power means superiority and superiority means oppression.
My rebellion in this world of pain begins with self respect
and goes through equality, not patriarchal leaders.

You power (the source) of my disgrace.

intoxication – is not rebellious
murder – is not rebellious
greed – is suicide
money – recipe for greed

We’re all fed with self-destruction, so we all will fall.
But when I fall remember me, I rejected I didn’t take part!
Maybe it’s too late to save this.
But it’s not too late to turn your back to what deteriorates and destroys.

“Serenades” is a happy end to the album. As the song is meant to celebrate the ones he loves and is thankful for.

Abhinanda “Senseless” LP blue vinyl
Abhinanda “Senseless” LP mint green vinyl
Abhinanda “Senseless” LP orange vinyl
Abhinanda “Senseless” LP collection
Abhinanda “Senseless” CD version cover by Desperate Fight Records
“Senseless” by Abhinanda
“Competition In Hatred” by Abhinanda

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