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As Friends Rust the fists of time

As Friends Rust recorded the songs of their first release in two times. The opening track was recorded in 1998 and the other songs were recorded late 1996. These early songs were released as a demo by the band according to their discography on . But nothing more happened with the side project of Damien Moyal.
It was until 1998, when Good Life Recordings decided to release these songs on CD and vinyl, that they started to break through. Later in their career they had released albums and singles on different labels like Equal Vision Records, Doghouse Records and Demons Run Amok. With latest release dating from 2020.

Good Life Recordings released this record in 1998 on 10 inch format, as well as compact disc. The pressing plant they used differs from the usual one (Disco Pressing).

As Friends Rust the fists of time black vinyl 10 inch
As Friends Rust the fists of time green vinyl 10 inch
As Friends Rust the fists of time clear yellow vinyl 10 inch

As we can see from another version of the 10 inch, a picture disc version, Good Life Recordings repressed this record, so we can conclude it was necessary and successful.This is concluded by the fact that the back side of the picture disc has a photograph taken during the Silvester night show in 1999. Approximately two years after the original pressing. This photo was exclusively featured in the picture disc artwork. Artwork for the cover is done by Damien, the vocalist, himself.

As Friends Rust the fists of time picture disc back side
As Friends Rust the fists of time collection

Musically, this is taking queues from Dag Nasty but with lots more energy and anger. Personally, I have always considered As Friends Rust as post Hardcore. Wild mood swings are reflected in the interchanging of clean singing and gritty screams in the vocal department. Also musically this is audible.

“Ruffian” by As Friends Rust

Also lyrically this a a step away from the usual Hardcore topics like religion, animal rights, pro-life, politics, etc. These are more emotional, relational and interpersonal topics in the mind set.

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