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B9 Reissues: Mental and No Warning


Some of the better Bridge 9 releases from past decade got reissued a while ago. I only ordered them recently because I had more important things to buy that would sell out quicker. I’m trying to save money for moving to a better home and as a crisis-solution also. I can feel the drain of Western money to who knows where? China perhaps?

Anyway, I’m still trying to maintain my passion of record collecting. Focusing on Good Life Recordings and Reaper Records, but now and then I feel the need to collect/think out of the box and buy some from other bands too…
So here are two awesome titles I needed to get on vinyl but never had before. I had them on CD since years so these are two are very well known to me, before I bought them on vinyl now.
The damn thing is that postal services got rough on my sweet parcel and the records are damaged in one corner. So I’ll play them hard and put them not in the preservation-boxes, but in the use-boxes.
Enough personal shit already, let show some photo’s and I’ll try to elaborate them also at my best possibilities…
First we got the NO WARNING double LP, with the ripping “Ill Blood” LP as first one. The “Ill Blood” LP is truly awesome stuff that is very amusing to hear. A classic for the newest generation of Hardcore kids that got into hardcore after 2000. But for the 80’s and 90’s Hardcore witnesses it can be argued whether there are still classics made or not….

no warning ill blood reissue vinyl lp bridge nine 9

As you can see; the D-side is etched and both records come on split-wax. The red stands for ‘blood’ and the brown stands for ‘shit’. The original is highly sought after and rather expensive to get already, that’s obviously the reason why they the “Ill Blood” album got reissued by the label.
A while back I was on the verge of buying the misspress of that original called the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” version. Had the money ready and the place to buy, but then didn’t go for it. Don’t remember why not anymore.

As you can see, this was released in 2002, that’s a while already. Also a period I was at University and didn’t listen to Hardcore for 5 years. Sad times that were, if I look back.

There’s also featured on the C-side the self-titled ep and the demo of NO WARNING. I never listened to these before, so will be putting that plastic on the turntable soon…

After the releases featured on this reissue they got more like Nu-Metal and disappeared out of the Hardcore scene kind off. Next is also a very good one, a true Straigth-Edge classic from the third Hardcore decade (2000 to 2010): MENTAL “Get An Oxygen Tank”.

There’s a funny anecdote to be told about this one. I had a copy of the clear purple first issue on a 7 inch. And I gave it away for free to someone I traded with. A few days later the Belgian dude got it, contacted me and said: “How foolish of you to give a first press Mental away for free… ” That was the motherfucking thanks I got. Never traded with that person again though! And ofcourse I knew it was a collectible release. Haha, sometimes I think I’m a misfit collector and that other collectors can truly suck it…

Mental get an oxygen tank lp reissue bridge 9 nine

I bought this version of the two still available, because it looks like the eyeball on the cover, a green eye. Thought that was a cool idea. Happens to be the limited version.

Anyway, there are a lot of versions going for a nice penny from the original release on the 7 inch. But I won’t start collecting these. Anyway as a cool bonus there’s a live set on WERS from 2004 on it. Never heard so I will be spinning this sucker also…

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