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Altercation Demo and Absolution 7 inches


Time for two other records from Ryan of Lush Life New York City. He seems well on track in re-releasing some infamous and very hard to find releases.

The first one is a colour vinyl version of the Altercation 7 inch. Altercation was a New York Hardcore band comprised out of Warzone, Absolution and Supertouch members. Was recorded in 1987 at Don Fury’s studio in New York City. And these tracks were previously only released on tape.

There seem to be three colours of this one, black, coke bottle clear out of 150 copies and the impossible to get green vinyl out of 35. I already had the black version so I wanted to have the clear also.

insert and vinyl photo
vinyl photo
Altercation show posters

Posted about the Absolution 7 inch on gold already. Now I have a less rare color also, the clear purple.

vinyl photo

I don’t know the discography of this label, but I already got a nice collection of this label. Two New Breed double LP’s and two pieces of two 7 inches… Who doesn’t like some 80’s New York Hardcore?!

One response to “Altercation Demo and Absolution 7 inches”

  1. juaco

    dude! if you can make a scaner of the cover of the altercation demo for me i will appreciate a lot, need a good resolution picture of this and dont exists in internet. Thank you from chile!

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