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For those who do not immediately know what I am talking about, no worries, here is post about it. Although if you do know what’s coming up; you have been blessed to be a 1978 Belgian Punk.

Yes that’s right, a very early punk 45 RPM single has been given to me. You need to know that records and tapes are the material witnesses of how it was in the early days of Punk. The hard tangible pieces of evidence from a time-period in music. The record I’m talking about is not an original remnant of that period but a remake of one, also called a reissue. The original one is highly sought after. It was pressed originally by Stuff Records in 1978. It was put onto vinyl because they won the “First Belgian Punk Contest”.

As it is usually the case in Belgium, everything is displayed in multiple languages. On this single also, ofcourse in French and Dutch but also Arabic, English and Russian, this has a funny character I think.

What’s mentioned in these texts is the story behind the title “Remember Cell 609”. It was because they did their first public appearance on that first Belgian Punk contest. And they won it. Now that’s a glamorous entrance into the punk scene of Belgium. The first price was a record pressing… as you can read on the sleeve. This however is the reissue of that single pressed in Japan by the label 1977 Records.

After hearing a lot of that mellowed out Hardcore of nowadays this is a welcome pure Punk release that brings back the roots and a fresh tune into my room. Two songs of early punk before the Hardcore wave from the USA. Essential to your collection…

Have a listen on YouTube…

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