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Backtrack and Sean Taggart

You know the Agnostic Front “Cause For Alarm” cover. It’s a cool one for sure, if you aren’t familiar with it. That cover is drawn by Sean Taggart. Recently Reaper Records and Backtrack used one of his works also. It was three years after the release of the Darker Half LP that there was a new limited edition made. They made these prints to serve as extra cover for the copies sold at United Blood Fest in 2014.

It’s cool to say at least. At first I didn’t like the monochrome character of it when I saw it pictured. But now that I’ve found an opportunity to buy it and hold it in my hands I like it a lot. Here are some pictures that I hope does the package justice.

Backtrack darker half united blood 2014 limited vinyl edition reaper records LP
Backtrack “Darker Half” United Blood 2014 edition
Sean taggart print backtrack darker half lp united blood 2014
Sean Taggart 1988 print or cover hand-numbered out of 80

The vinyl comes with rainbow splatter in it. I like the part where the different colored splatters are mixed in the vinyl. Makes me think of paint on a pallet.

Mixed rainbow splatters in the clear vinyl

As usual the limited edition was created after the pressing of the records and comes with a regular cover also. Why should one get rid of these sealed covers? Would be a giant work to open them all to keep the covers as spares for the label. So they actually give the buyer two covers.

I couldn’t resist to make a comparison of both covers:

Comparison picture for both covers. Left Spoiler artwork and right Sean Taggart artwork
Copyright Spoiler 2011 left and copyright S.M. Taggart 1988 right

Both covers have the same ambiance going on in the artwork to an extend. Artwork totally suit for Hardcore covers for sure…

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