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Catafalque awaking CD

In the high season of the H8000 scene, there were also other genres besides the popular Edge-Metal released on Good Life Recordings. It was in the year 1997 when the band Catafalque entered Midas Studio in Lokeren to record this 22 minutes long CD. They play  Death-Metal, although not the necromancy and purgatory style but Death-Metal served with lots of melody. So Catafalque can easily be defined as melodic Death-Metal.

Surprisingly (to me) it was Good Life Recordings who released their output. I actually knew nothing of this band nor did I expect their existence. The thanks-list in the  CD-booklet gave me an insight in who they are. They are coming out of the H8000 region and their social circles included UxJx of Congress and Hans of Liar. It’s also a rather early Good Life release, it has category number ‘ED14’.

CD cover Catafalque Awaking Good Life Recordings Records

If you ever come to find this release, expect evil lyrics, gory screams. And as said earlier a well-proportioned dose of Death-Metal with lots of melody. I played the CD several times and like it. The cover features fantasy artwork. It’s the Midas sound that makes it accessible for me most likely.

Quite a cool find if you ask me. It’s again displaying that the 90’s Belgian local scene has got tentacles in several different Metal genres and circles.

Anybody else who has more information to share about Catafalque? I’d be happy to learn it.

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