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Backtrack dog pound nation

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Hardcore isn’t pretty. A phrase said to me by a hardcore veteran. And it’s true that real life Hardcore is far from pretty record covers and vinyl colors. Life isn’t pretty too by moments, so when you live hardcore, it’s not easy to get into what he was saying to me.
The following record blatantly breeds this atmosphere. Although the cover does. And the piss-yellow vinyl that comes inside this record, doesn’t refurbish it very much. On the contrary in fact:

bactrack darker half record release dog pound nation dpn lp limited cover reaper record

Anyway, I actually like this cover for it’s realness, brought to you by a collage of Dog Pound Nation tattoo’s.  To get back nerdy, it’s actually the record release version for the Backtrack “Darker Half” LP on Reaper Records from the year 2011. I’m glad to have a copy in my possession.
What we can see is that there were two record release shows, because there are two dates. So the number made must be higher than usual also. It’s out of hundred.

2 responses to “Backtrack dog pound nation”

  1. Awesome!!!! Not seen this before

  2. Yes, I think it's awesome also. It's been on eBay quite a few times – for shameless prices as you can guess.

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