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District 9 SouthBronxMemoirs

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New York Hardcore is flourishing and more alive and kicking than ever. Man, look at my last series of posts, almost all dedicated to that. This time straight from the South Bronx, a remake of the classic and highly collectible District 9 Schoolahardknox 7inch.

It’s not bad at all, but I definitely prefer the original songs above these. It are still the same texts but the music’s quite different. But these aren’t so shockingly hard. Maybe because time went over them and times change. I’m glad they still have that down to earth and real character. But these songs don’t have that cutting reality feel to them as with the first time I heard them. It are indeed memories of a time and memories fade, so does this record feel to me.

district 9 southbronxmemoired red vinyl 7 inch dignified bastard nyhc

The song “Fool” still remains a favorite for me. As well as on the original recordings as here on this remake.

The lay-out is great. I like the color of the vinyl in combination with the sleeve. I also know it exists on clear with red splatter and on black vinyl, but do not know the numbers made. Would be great if anyone can fill me in. Also think it’s worth to say, that if you are on the European continent, you can buy this most common red-colored version at Good Life Distribution. Don’t know if there are many left though…

Also check the original versions out if you feel like knowing more about the global sought-after original recordings.

2 responses to “District 9 SouthBronxMemoirs”

  1. It's more than awesome Tino! You really need to check that out when time's right…

  2. never listened to it. should give it a try. layout looks simple but real cool!

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