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Best Wishes CASSETTE

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There will probably come a time where the youngest generation needs to be explicitly told what cassettes are. About 5 years back I bought a tape-deck. I searched every main Hifi-store in the region to no avail. Nowhere a cassette player to be found. So I looked for a second handed deck on eBay. Found one in Germany and got it delivered through a parcel distribution company.

Maybe it was just me who didn’t look far enough to find a new one. But generally tape decks have become scares. I feel old when I think about it. Was ultra happy when I got my first cassette player somewhere in the late 80’s. So tapes truly have some magic to me still.

Also this week I bought a UK pressed tape version of one of my favorite records of all time; “Best Wishes” of the Cro-Mags. Seems to be made in 1989 and still looks totally crisp. I paid less than 20£ on eBay with postage included. So I can’t complain at all.

It seems that Profile Records differs the USA pressing from the UK pressings by changing the catalog number. USA pressed catalog numbers begin with ‘PRO’, while UK pressed catalog numbers start with ‘FILE’.

cro mags best wished cassette tape nyhc profile records uk usa

The FILECT catalog number is to be explained by ‘FILE + CT’. Like I said ‘FILE’ the Profile Records catalog number for UK pressings. And the ‘CT’ for cassette release.

Also the vinyl releases have the same PRO and FILE catalog codes for respectively USA and UK presses.

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