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Heavy On The Repress Trip

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Revelation Records has been repressing a haul of their releases several times. Given two viewpoints, that of the label and that of the collector, it’s a polemic whether that’s a good fact or not. First viewpoint, labels, they did what they had to do. Repressing and making it more democratically available for the next generation. The collectors’ point of view mostly is that they ruined it. The records are more commonly available and less rare, making them less fancy or less desired. Although the last argument needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There is in fine American tradition now more choice, that’s all there is, more choice. One can still choose to neglect all these represses and still go for the original colors, as all pressings are mainly different in color. The one doesn’t exclude the other. As far as prices for originals go, I haven’t been closely following these. Proof me wrong but I’d be inclined to think they aren’t affected at all by the repress rally Revelation Records executed recently.

Anyway, I’m also glad to partake in a few of these represses and buy some of them. So even my generation, apart from the new generation, can take advantage and get deeper into the Rev catalog and get to know some classics.

As far as the reason’s for why I choose to buy a title on a certain (repress) color go, I think it’s the curiosity to hear and the aesthetics of a certain color variation. The synergy of these two combined I guess.

So when everybody is getting almost numb for those represses, I had to buy some myself too:

First one is the Sensefield “Killed For Less” LP on orange, this was one of the earlier colors to be repressed. And In my eyes the best looking on solid marbled orange. I now have besides the split on Good Life Recordings and the same titled on Revelation, this one.

sensefield killed for less vinyl lp revelation records

Although I know this Youth Of Today album for many, many years. I decided to buyyet another color. Because it looks so dame good on light blue, the combination with the same colored title on the cover and the contrast with the red sleeve and all. So I happen to have two colors of this one.

youth of today we're not in this alone lp revelation records reissue caroline

Same story for the Supertouch LP, I already had the blue repress, here one on white and it looks even better in my opinion.

supertouch the earth is flat lp white gatefold revelation records

Then come two 7 inch titles. I had to check these out because I never had a decent chance to check these out. Now I can when time is right put these on the record player and listen to them at ease.

inside out zach de la rocha 7 inch vinyl single revelation records
burn 7 inch revelation records vinyl reissue

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