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BLIND TO FAITH Under The Heptagram


Blind To Faith start this ep off with the most wicked instrumental I’ve ever heard. Every touch of string is produced in a scary and wicked sound that creeps upon you. While these string touches fade out, the powerful drums march into the whole. To thereafter be blown away by low tuned lead guitars and vicious second guitar licks.
After this instrumental, mayhem is only starting, shout of by the meanest vocals. Truly powerful riffs, that make you addicted to listening over and over. Blind To Faith have proven again to be able to make the most genuine Holy Terror sound tracks. The power of metal combined with the raw hardness of punk seem to be a continuous successful recipe!

The ep is a bit shorter than I expected. I would have liked it to be longer. But then these songs only do the necessary feeding and make you hungry for more.

The packaging is minimal. A PVC sleeve with a two-sided cover and info sheet in it. And within the colored one-sided vinyl, that’s etched with the Blind To Faith logo.

blind to faith LP vinyl under the heptagram

From what I gathered there are three colors of this one; green, red and black but there is also a test pressing.

You can still buy it at the label A389 Records.

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