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The Final "Foreign Object"


Here it is, the last missing color of this release. A few years back getting all the colors of this release seemed too difficult to achieve. Not that the record is too wanted aka too pricey to get for me, but just because of the rareness and infamous character of it, people seem to avoid selling it. Seems logical to me, because there might be two basic motivators to sell on eBay. Firstly if you do not want the record, you want to be certain to get rid off it. Secondly, you might get profit if you sell it because the record’s price increased compared to what you paid for it.
This one seemed not to concur with any of both reasons. That’s why I thought to never find it. Or at least have to do more than just waiting for it to appear on eBay.

Well, I’m glad I have it now. Despite the fact that one day I need to do a condition upgrade. The record sleeve has a big seam split. So it became because the shipper did not get the record out of the sleeve. This seems to be my rule number one. But for many people it isn’t.

Here’s how it looks:

Black Sheep Squadron “Foreign Object” LP
Stamped with info and handnumbered out of 100 copies, I have the ‘heat-number’
Clear with red splatter vinyl

Looking at the numbering on the dust-sleeve, this seemed to be an Organized Crime Records exclusive color. The other out of 100 color is silver, which seemed to be the Reaper Records colorway…

black ss sheep squadron foreign object lp vinyl collection all color
white /30
gray /100
clear red splatter #’d/100
red  /660
orange blue splatter /1000 (second press)

I don’t need to write anymore I guess, that now I need the test pressing….

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