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Blindfold Deprogrammers Do Not Exist


“Deprogrammers Do Not Exist” is the first 7 inch Blindfold recorded. The 7 inch was released by PMA Records in 1992. It has four songs of which three will be reviewed in this article.

Desert‘ is about the dangers of using drugs. Wim compares the environment of drug addicts to that of a desert. A place where nothing grows and nothing smiles, plain hate. The desert spreads and the oasis is threatened. He escapes this by his will inside and his will to say no. Musically this song is rhythmic and rather fast paced.

Spiritual Suicide‘ is a song that Blindfold would play during their entire life span. You can hear the several phases the band went through when you compare all versions recorded. This is the first version. It start with a bass line then the drums and guitars come crashing in. It’s a melodic song with a break down also and some sound effects mixed in. Later on, for the H8000 Hardcore Compilation LP, the sound becomes more clean and with extra instruments added. Vocals become more practised and varied. The last recording of this song is to be found on the Live at Vortn ‘Vis LP, and it has an extra guitarist, what makes it the most modern version, because of the extra groove.
The lyrics summarize what Blindfold stands for, clean and ethical living, with respect for yourself and other living beings. Not to be able to fight for the ethics of straight-edge and a meat free diet would be spiritual suicide and denial of the real inside.

Let Go‘ is a songs about interpersonal and social powers that might be. Wim observes people and sees the will to be on top, the will to control others. This perception makes him look at himself and realise that he doesn’t want to be part of that and that he wants to let go. Letting go instead of taking, controlling and willing to change others. To let others be free and think for themselves. It’s about the social dangers of power and egoism.

My copy has got the 8000 Crew sticker and an additional text written on the inner sleeve:

“I would show you this power thing, if I only could”

Blindfold “Spiritual Suicide” taken of the ‘Deprogrammers Do Not Exist’ 7 inch

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