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Profound Integrity

The band Profound from the Netherlands needs to be situated at the end of the 80’s decade. The period when Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today were touring in Europe. The period when American Youth-Crew came to an end. The period some bands in Europe tried to bring it over here but failed to do it successfully. The The band would later change their name in Man Lifting Banner. The band has got Socialist and Marxist convictions, they think the revolution has to be based on international strategy. And are against the nations-system the world now has.

The record was released in 1989 by Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response Records, the label was then still called Anti-Schelski Records. They play fast Hardcore in vein of the American Youth-Crew genre that came earlier in the eighties. According to the interview in Brob’s Tilt! fanzine #9 with Peter Hoeren, he and Profound were in the same crew. That crew was called Last Struggle Crew.

Profound “Integrity” 7 inch first press yellow vinyl

The record has the Seein’ Red stamp on the dust sleeve. Seein’ Red was the band after Lärm ceased to exist. This band has members of Seein’ Red also.

As you can see, this copy has got black swirls in the vinyl and is a transition copy, most likely not intended to exist, so very rare!

Profound Integrity 7 inch; yellow vinyl with black swirls

This record is musically and lyrically not so strong, I think. Lyrics do not contain much argumentation to defend what they are saying. All in all not so convincing as a Straight-Edge band should be.

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