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When I go to work at 5am, I ride my car and listen to a fair amount of Hardcore. Therefore I need Cd’s and one I listen to a lot is the CEREMONY “Rohnert Park” album. So diverse and unpredictable that I never get tired of listening to it! Also the “Covers” Cd -that is from the same recording session- on full rotation early in the morning and in the evening on the way home.

But since I’m a passionate vinyl collector I needed the LP to. I saw several going on eBay but never got to score any of them. But recently I saw one coming out of Australia so being at the antipode side of the globe I needed to stand up also early in the morning to make my bid, which took a fair amount of passion and dedication to do so! I won the auction and to my pleasant surprise the guy who did the auction; Tim, also does a blog on vinyl collecting and also uses So a fellow collector in my eyes. His blog is called ‘Vinyl Abuse’ and can be found here.

ceremony rohnert park LP red vinyl pre-order bridge 9 nine records

The simplicity but effectiveness of the cover is enormous on this release from Bridge 9! A simple layout that can only work with a very good and awesome photo. So here’s the regular house in Rohnert Park with a Skateboarder wearing a MINOR THREAT logo-sweater and ofcourse the American flag. In other words the picture captures a lot of what CEREMONY is and in an aesthetic way also.

The auction I won and was very enthusiast about and still are, was also with a WHITE copy of the teaser ep called “Sick” and needed this one also so I was quite certain about having to win this particular auction!

ceremony sick ep white vinyl bridge 9 nine records

But that’s not every reason why to let this come out of Australia! Up for auction was actually the pre-order package as it was exactly like from the B9 Store, on which I missed out. So, as you might remember, it has a book written by Ross Farrar plus a poster also. Again a cool thing look at and certainly to read. It also has a photo on it, that again captures a lot of the current American hardcore culture in one single shot:


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