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Two AMENRA Represses

Recently Vincent from the best hardcore band in the world; RISE AND FALL started running a Ghent based distro. It’s called SOUL SLAYER. I hope you visit this store once because there is a bunch of good stuff in there, nothing but good stuff actually! So before showing some of that stuff in order to convince you I need to say that there aren’t a lot of bands in the store, I guess it’s out there to distribute the Ghent scene. But don’t worry, they ship worldwide too and bands include; AmenRa, Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker, Blind To Faith,…

Ok, the first things that came to my mind in ordering were the represses of the highly desired and insanely expensive original MASS pressings. I’m not going to pay beyond 100€ to to score them on eBay and are very happy and satisfied with the represses! Although me and a fellow collector needed to criticize that they are rather ERSATZ pressings for the OG’s. Let me explain why; most of those represses have more or less the same sleeves and also the same vinyl colors! And that’s a setback for those who paid the eBay bill for the OG’s.

But besides that little lack of creativity in making different pressings they still look and are great anyway. The first one is the MASS II repress:

amenra mass 2 prayer 9 10 clear vinyl reissue
CLEAR 180grams VINYL

And surprisingly printed almost invisible on the inside of the sleeve to:

The other one I wanted the color-version of but found the OG too expensive and that was the MASS II and III gatefold 2xLP:

GREEN vinyl black swirl and a Screened Cover

Screened on the front cover and inside of the gatefold. Also the ‘Amitica-stamp’ on the inside make this complete and desirable!

In case you don’t know, the original is on UK’s SOUND DEVASTATION Records and exists on black and GREEN and the Green is screened on the D-side!

Sweetness as you can witness here and also nice that the Belgian scene has learned and evolved to make the packages very good looking and high quality.

A last thing I need to say is that I already made a post about the other MASS II versions and that any pressing info is welcome.

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