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CEREMONY Society Verse book review

Unless you are just entering Hardcore, you’ve probably already heard of the band Ceremony. Well that band was on the top of the American hardcore billboard for years, every release was highly anticipated and pre-orders made the computer systems almost crash. They also came to Europe several times. They started out with the ‘Ruined’ ep and the ‘Violence Violence’ LP on Malfunction Records and later on moved to Bridge 9 Records. For them they did ‘Scared People’, ‘Still Nothing Moves You’ , ‘Rohnert Park’ and finally a covers LP too.

Well, the vocalist’s name is Ross Farrar and he writes hard to understand lyrics. Kids and other people asked him the meaning of his lyrics. Therefore they decided to write them up in a book called ‘Society Verse’.

The book features all the lyrics per release and chronological in time. And Ross explains them one by one. I think that’s an interesting and innovating book concept. I’m sure in Hardcore not many or even no one at all has ever done this before him and Bridge 9 Press. Sometimes lyrical explanations do appear on the lyric sheet, but never before I’ve seen a book solely made for that.

Front cover with the iconic Ceremony roses
ceremony society verse book
Back cover with an iconic imagery (Skate board, Bad Brains and B9 all placed against the wall)

I think it’s a good book overall, less work to make than a real history book. But if you are or were into Ceremony definitely your source for reading pleasure. Published by B9 PRESS.

My rating is 6/10

And an original concept that some Belgian vocalists can follow too. Especially for the cryptic lyrical content of 90’s Metalcore. I’d say feel free to do so!

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