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Limited Edition Collectors Suck 7 inch

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“Limited Edition Collectors Suck”! That’s a bold statement. Do I need to take this seriously or not? Obviously the most negative outlet Reaper Records ever created. Or their most disrespectful statement against the buyers of their own work.

turnstile limited edition collectors suck pressure to succed 7 inch reaper record vinyl
Turnstile “Limited Edition Collector’s Suck” sleeve & red ink stamped dustsleeve
I think maybe they compare the title of this record “Pressure To Succeed” to the feeling some collector’s have to succeed in the completion of their own collections. Anyway there’s no beef between Reaper Records and collector’s at all, I’m sure! It’s just a tease or maybe they had a bad day when making sleeves for the remaining vinyl records…

3 responses to “Limited Edition Collectors Suck 7 inch”

  1. Willem RWHAF

    Is he staying here in Europe or going back to NY soon?

  2. Kitzel is a HUGE record collector, so I can only assume this was tongue-in-cheek haha

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