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Change Closer Still

cover refuse records

The American Hardcore band Change plays a refreshing style of Hardcore. Personally, I didn’t completely understand their music when I first played the record. But after a few listens I came into it. They play varied music that gives the feeling of unpredictability. Because the music has tempo chances and sometimes also abrupt changes. The lyrical message is one of a drug free and meat free life style. But also one of hope for the future. And mainly a call for compassionate living with each other in freedom.

At the end there is a poem recited, which gives a nod to the Uniform Choice “Screaming For Change” album.

The record hasn’t been available in Belgian distribution stores and sold out very quickly. So hasn’t been widely available. But there is a second pressing coming from Refuse Records.

Change “Closer Still” was released by two labels. One in America, React! Records and the other in Europe, Refuse Records. The record has differences in layout. Which I will show and elaborate here:

front cover Refuse Records pressing

Their are two differences between the front covers of React! and Refuse. The front cover has the Refuse Records logo, while the logo of React! is not displayed on the front cover. Another thing is that React! has the band logo embossed.

embossed Change logo for React! Records pressing

The back side of the covers are identical except for the colour scheme. Refuse Records has got blue tonality, while React! Records is more purple or pink.

back covers of the Change “Closer Still” LP on Refuse and React! Records

Also the vinyl labels are different. React! more or less takes the layout of the Wishingwell logo of the Uniform Choice LP. Refuse makes a different logo.

React! Records pressing vinyl label
Refuse Records vinyl label
promotional poster

Great to have something new released upon the Hardcore community, great to still have innovative Straight-Edge Hardcore created. The given positive and hopeful message is something to be thankful for.

2 responses to “Change Closer Still”

  1. Nice post! I don’t have the Refuse pressing, so it was cool to see the differences.

    1. Yes, I had both so I could as well do it. The inserts are different as well…

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