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Sad Origin “A Double Edged Sword …”


Sad Origin is a Belgian band from the Dendermonde area. They have released several titles at the end of the 90’s. This LP called “A Double Edged Sword In A Triangle Of Emotions” is their only vinyl release. The LP was recorded in April 1999 and released by Genet Records.

It starts with a mysterious and ominous (self-written?) short instrumental. The instrumental is guided by hard hits of percussion. What make it sound like something will happen. The riffage starts and the brutal vocals follow. In the first songs called “Battles Of Bloodred Crosses” the vocalist takes distance from all kinds of religion and the wars that are caused by religious differences. In the song “An Impure Slave” the vocalist describes his sad vision of the future. Lyrically he used single words instead of sentences. The single words allocate his vision of the future. Persons will become futile and obliged to follow higher goals. Almost like a mechanical machine. Like slaves they will become just a tool and considered as impure by those who oblige them to follow. “Liquid Of The Bloodshed” is about the way the band feels about people who stole their material. They warn that this is the wrong path to start walking on. “Window Of Sarcasm” is about the way the lyric writer feels. The impressions left and the pain felt by words spoken by other people. The powerlessness to react. The anger he feels turns that other into an enemy. The inner struggle that follows and the transiency of it all by turning away. “Perpetration” is so abstract I don’t fully understand the lyrics. Next song is a poetic love song called “Into Eternal Love”. “Tormented²” is a about people who are addicted to drugs and are depended of their dealer. The way drug addicts think and feel is also described within the lyrics. “Break The Statue Of Separation” is I think about the social differences of people who are Straight-Edge and those who aren’t Straight-Edge or aren’t Straight-Edge any more? Everybody is in control of their own lives. Friends take their own decisions, dropping Edge may not mean that those friendships come to an end. “Coward” is about the hypocrisy of the meat-industry? They pretend to care about the animals but eventually bring death upon them. Finally “Plague” is an anti-racism song. No other species on the planet is able to kill it’s own kind because of different colour of skin, but mankind is able to.

brown vinyl #’d / 54 copies
white vinyl #’d / 30 copies

Musically they draw influences from that other part of Belgium, the H8000 area. They successfully mixed Edge-Metal (eg. Firestone) with Beat Down (eg. Crawlspace) and even with emotional Metal Core (eg. Facedown) There are also parts on the album that have spoken words guided by acoustic guitars. Vocals are low toned and brutal.

Artwork of the cover done by KJM (Kristof Mondy) who played in Spineless, Amenra, Black Haven and more. Backing vocals by two other people form the Belgian Hardcore scene. Recorded by Patrick Delabie, who recorded and did the technical side for some other titles of the Belgian underground music scene also.

Sad Origin LP complete collection
Sad Origin “A Double Edged Sword In A Triangle Of Emotions” complete vinyl collection

We may conclude that the lyrics are abstract and indirect. It’s an indirect and abstract way of saying something, instead of saying it concretely. As a side reflection; this is a typical characteristic of nineties Metal Core and is very different than the concrete and clear message brought by the previous generation of Hardcore, in case the eighties generation.

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