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Colored TESTPRESS from the Good Life Catalogue

I already mentioned that Good Life Recordings once did an exceptional run of Colored Testpresses. The amazing thing about this is not that it is a colored TESTPRESS, although colored testpresses are pretty rare and exceptional, but there were actually THREE colors of the same testpressing! I have never known a recording that has three colorvariations for the same testpress. So I’m stunned. 

Not that this is the only reason why I desired this record so much, because the record is a split between two of my favorite 90’s bands. I’m talking about the CULTURE / KINDRED split LP. The music is seriously the most quality stuff ever recorded in the 90’s. 

Considering all this, you can really understand why this is on my want list for a very long time.

Yellow with brown marbled vinyl
Numbered out of 24
Kindred Side
Culture Side

As you can see, the testpress comes with a regular sleeve and the only difference is the sticker, with the numbering and the GL logo on it. Also note that it says ” Xgoodlife recordingsX “, suggesting that it was a straight-edge label back then.

As cool to have this is as frustrating to know that I need the other colors also and that they are even more limited that this one…

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