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Strongarm Atonement LP



Strongarm “Atonement” LP green vinyl

I have never made a post or review of a Florida hardcore band. Well that’s weird because I was really into Culture and Morning Again. It were some of the first bands I got to know from a friend.
I was really influenced by the intelligent lyrics of these bands and really tried to understand them fully. I pondered upon them all the time, wrote excerpts  on my school books and maps and discussed them with friends. But now I just have sweet memories of this, although the some parts of the lyrics still motivate me or explain things to me.

I’m telling you this because this is what Florida hardcore can do. The intelligence of the lyrics and the “psychological” and “sociological” reflective nature of them played a role in making me what I am today. A person  who thinks about interpersonal relations and influences between persons. But also purification and introspection.

Later in my life I had this phase that I could really relate to earlier Shai Hulud songs, but that was a darker and more struggling period and was just a passing phase.

Now that I have discovered this record of Strongarm, also hailing from Florida, I can really say that this record is one of the greater records coming from the area. So heart-felt, delicate and strong at the same time, intelligent and critical, etc. I really like it a lot.
When you wouldn’t know that it is Florida Hardcore at first hear, you would surely come to the conclusion that it is in the line of Poison The Well and Shai Hulud musically. Strongarm has a very Florida-representative sound.

The funny thing is that the record was recorded in 1994 and that it only now was made available on vinyl. Before that it existed only on CD and cassette by Tooth And Nail records. I don’t mind only getting into this now, because I can truly appreciate this and it is not to late, it is still relevant to this day.

It is actually a Christian hardcore band but I still like it even if Christianity is horrifying to me. Surely those lyrics aren’t preachy or catholicly inspired. The lyrics have an ethical and integer edge that’s all. Which I like and have that same introspective and ethical reflection towards others that many other 90’s Florida bands had…
Would be wrong of me to neglect this record despite the fact that I liked it when I first heard it and only found out later that it was a Christian hardcore band. That would be narrowed minded and judgmental of me… right?

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