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Colours of the Shorebreak LP

I recently found a significantly different colour of the Shorebreak “Path Of Survival” LP. I already had the pink but this one is darker than most pink copies I have seen. Now I am sure about the existence of the colours green, grey, pink and darker pink. I’ve also seen a beige and brown one and there are transitional copies.

shorebreak path of survival vinyl LP collection
dark pink to red vinyl copy

Shorebreak were a band from Spain discovered by Good Life Recordings and brought to a worldwide audience by that label. They played metallic and emotional Hardcore that leaves their own unique mark. The photo of the grieving soldiers for the cover was taken at the Langemark cemetary in Flanders Fields near Ypres. Don’t really see the connection with the band or the music, if it means anything at all.

grey, green, pinkish red and pink vinyl

Two years ago they released a 20th anniversary discography LP also.


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