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Product Watch Your Step

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Product was an Italian band, from the Province Varese in the North of Italy, close to Milano. They played Melodic Youth Crew Hardcore in vein of Turning Point. There is also a cover song taken from Agnostic Front “Friend Or Foe”. Product support the vegetarian and vegan cause and the poison free lifestyle. They recorded the songs for the 7 inch in Long Beach California during 1998. They had this record released on Genet Records.

The record has got unspecified information mentioned on the inside of the sleeve. As their are only 4 songs and a cover song. The other songs were indeed recorded in Italy at another moment in time. But aren’t on this release but on the other 7 inch released by Green Records and Twilight Records from Italy. The information is taken from the CD compilation by Genet and not specifically for this 7 inch. This CD compilation compiles the two aforementioned 7 inches.

I have three versions of this 90’s European Straight-Edge record, two numbered versions and a regular black.

product watch your step yellow vinyl picture pressing information
opaque yellow vinyl #089/215
product watch your step blue vinyl pressing information
clear blue vinyl #122/173
product watch your step black vinyl
regular black vinyl

As you can see at the Bold shirt, the Uniform Choice shirt, the Insted and Chain Of Strength shirt they were influenced by the older Hardcore bands from the eighties period in Hardcore. In the nineties when all was Metalcore and New School Hardcore they persisted by holding on to tradition but were befriended with metallic Hardcore bands like Timebomb, Cataract, Purification and Pray Silent also, as their thanks list suggests.

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