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Congress Discography


As I am humble in my ambition, I do not claim this is the one and only truth. But I think it comes pretty close to that. The discography sprouts from the knowledge found on these sites:

Also from the Good Life pressing info sheets:

Good Life Pressing Info Sheets #1, #2, #3, #4

But also from my own knowledge I obtained while collecting Congress Records.

So the discography is an aggregator of above mentioned sites! I figured this needed to be bundled all in one page!

If you have something to add or correct please contact me here.



  • format: tape
  • pressing info:
    • 1st press: 50 copies made
    • 2nd press: 100 copies made by band with a live performance added
  • tracks appear on The Other Cheek also


Euridium (Warehouse Records & Good Life Recordings)

  • format 7 inch with three songs (Warehouse Records)
    • 1st press
      • record release cover numbered out of 125 with black vinyl
      • regular pressing black vinyl 500 made
      • red colour vinyl
    • 2nd press purple 1000 made
      • a few transitions exist with black
    • 3rd press brown 1000 made
      • a few transitions exist with black
  • format mini-CD with four songs (Good Life Recordings)
    • 1st press cardboard cover
    • later presses jewel case


Blackened Persistence (Good Life Recordings)

  • LP version
    • black vinyl +/- 400 made
    • green vinyl +/- 100 made
    • blue vinyl +/- 50 made
    • final copies sold during COVID19, original vinyl with new cover
      • 19 green vinyl screened phoenix cover
      • 1 blue vinyl screened phoenix cover
  • CD version
    • 1st press 4000 made
    • later presses with bonus video’s 1997
    • CD-r final copies


The Other Cheek (Good Life Recordings)

  • LP version
    • black vinyl
    • orange vinyl
  • CD version

V/A The Good Life vol. 01

LP / CD (1000 made on each format


september 1996 with Congress, Shortsight, Regression and Liar


split with DEFORMITY (Good Life Recordings)

7 inch only:

  • clear vinyl (1000 made)
  • red vinyl (500 made)
  • blue vinyl (500 made)
  • white vinyl (rare and limited)
record cover

V/A Crimethinc. In Our Time (CrimethInc. Records)

  • LP version
    • clear vinyl
    • maroon vinyl
  • song “What We Need”


Angry With The Sun (Good Life Recordings)

  • LP version (alternative artwork)
    • picture disc
    • red coloured vinyl
    • black vinyl
  • CD version
    • jewel case 2000 made
    • digipack 1000 made

V/A H8000 Hardcore Vol. 01 (Genet Records and Sober Mind Records)

  • LP version
    • black vinyl 400 made
    • green vinyl numbered
    • test pressing 8 made
  • CD version
    • first press
    • second press (new artwork)

V/A Good Life vol. 02

  • CD version (Good Life Recordings)
  • tape version (Youth Culture (Poland))


Split with MINDSNARE

CD only (Trial And Error Records, Australia)

V/A Eulogy & Good Life Recordings sampler


Stake Through The Heart (Good Life Recordings)

  • LP version
    • black vinyl
    • white vinyl
  • CD version

V/A Good Life vol. 04

  • LP version
    • red vinyl
    • yellow vinyl
    • black vinyl
  • CD version


split with Liar (Pyro Records)

7” only: 500 made (9 test pressings)

V/A Good Life Vol. 05



  • LP version (Eye Spy Records)
    • black
    • clear numbered
  • CD version (Good Life Recordings)


The Legacy (Good Life Recordings)

  • CD only



V/A We Shall Fight In The Streets

  • 7 inch only (Area 51 Records)
  • song “Acoustic Life” ( so somewhere around 1997)
  • with other bands Integrity, Catharsis and Backlash

V/A Vort’n Vis Hardcore Festival 1998 (Genet Records)

CD only
song: Stompbox

9 responses to “Congress Discography”

  1. Ok, zal het meteen eraan toevoegen, bedankt!

  2. Willem, V/A Good Life vol. 04 LP op rood is /200, staat op de inlay die bij de LP zit vermeld!

  3. Alsook, Stake Through The Heart LP op wit is /200. Bron: Goodlife Pressing Info Sheet #4; Winter 2000-2001

  4. Just found and added another release where a Congress song is featured !V/A vortn vis '98 sampler

  5. Makes me believe there's more out there.

  6. Forgot to add the H8000 hardcore vol 01 ! What a hilarious mistake! lolNow fixed !Anyway, keep me posted if you find something. I kinda like doing this, so there's more to come!!Have also added a list in a gadget to make it easy to be found!

  7. “CONGRESS – What We Need” is on the Crimethinc. compilation LP from 1997

  8. that's correct. I still have a mint double if someone needs this LP.

  9. crazy collection. congress used to rule the land of metal before crappy metal hc wannabe ruin it

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